"Just Because There Is No War, Doesn't Mean We Have Peace"

Valiantly emerging from the darkness Gamma Quadrant, the USS Beifong having seen better days narrowly escaped the corrupt consortium take over of Federation forces in the depths of the quadrant. Her young crew under the command of then Lieutenant Commander Landon T. Milo, the starship's assigned Chief Medical Officer found themselves playing a pivotal role in foiling the devious Consortium. However, where light shines upon one shadow...another creeps unseen.

After months of repairs to his starship, Landon T. Milo underwent extensive physical therapy and medical procedures to regain mobility after his crippling encounter with a Lethean, leaving him paralyzed and rendering his telepathic and empathic abilities disabled. Receiving praise, the crew of the USS Beifong were given some of the highest honors on behalf of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. Several key members of the crew were effectively promoted while command of the USS Beifong was pending.

Ultimately, Starfleet Command felt it was in the crew's best interest to keep as much of ship and crew together as they could. Landon T. Milo upon completion of command courses at Starfleet Academy and successfully passing the Bridge Commander's Examination was immediately promoted to the rank of Commander and assigned to the USS Beifong as her Commanding Officer with Lieutenant Xiulan Song remaining as ship's Executive Officer.

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» Promotions and Updates

Posted on Thu Oct 6th, 2016 @ 6:04am by Commander Landon Milo MD in Sim Announcement

Promotions and Changes

As you all are aware by now, the USS Beifong which was started in Task Force 9 (The Gamma Quadrant) has been transferred upon my request to Task Force 93 (The Beta Quadrant) in hopes of helping that Task Force fully explore, expand upon, and truly develop their Task Force canon. I am already heavily involved with Task Force 93 as First Officer & Assistant Game Manage of the USS Tornado. Many of you...all of you except for James are now members of the Tornado. So, I take you have a decent grasp of what is going on around Task Force 93's area of operations.

Other than the basic change of the Beifong eventually ending up assigned to Task Force 93 and carrying out missions in the Beta Quadrant, some other changes will be occurring. Firstly, I have decided to keep Landon Milo as my Commanding Officer character for the USS Beifong as upon reflection, this ship just would not be the same without him commanding it. Now, we launched the Beifong completely active with the required six members which would have called for a promotion to the rank of Commander yet I/Landon never received that. It is possible that Task Force 93 will rectify that by promoting I/Landon to the rank of Commander. However, until that is officially done, I'll keep him ranked as Lieutenant Commander. That does not mean, however, that I don't get to do some promoting around here myself.

The following promotions and changes will be occurring upon our moving from Task Force 9 to 93:

Lieutenant Arturo M'Rohass will be advancing to Second Officer. Story/plot wise, the move into Task Force 93 will require someone with more combat and command experience in Beifong's chain of command to counter balance Landon's medical and humanitarian nature as well as Xiulan Song's lack of experience as she was only an Ensign when Beifong started. Her rank of full lieutenant was a field promotion given to her by Landon. That said, she will be retaining her rank and position as Executive Officer.

Lieutenant JG Ian Mackenzie will be promoted to Lieutenant and retaining his position of Security Chief/Chief Tactical Officer.

▪ Cadet Senior Year Jasmine Jones-Jemison will be receiving her graduation and earning her officer's commission of ensign. Though an NPC of mine, she will be staying aboard the Beifong backing up Lieutenant Mackenzie in Security/Tactical.

Ensign Nician Haro will be promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and remaining aboard as our Ship's Counselor and Chief Diplomatic Officer. There will be great need for a diplomatic officer in Task Force 93 with the hostilities between the Gorn Hegemony and the Klingon Empire as well as other factions such as the Romulan Star Empire.

▪ Chief Petty Officer Brexa is also my NPC and though she will not be receiving a promotion per se, I will be transferring her from Science Department where she was Chief of Science to Operations to serve as Chief of Operations in absence of an Operations Officer at this time.

I am also currently working with Bravo Fleet to award several awards to members of the crew. However, these awards are coming from Bravo Fleet's Hall of Honor. Thus it may take a little time to know if I may award said awards.

» Loss of Life

Posted on Mon Jun 13th, 2016 @ 6:00am by Commander Landon Milo MD in General News

First, I want to apologize for breaking in with some tragic news, but I felt some words would be good to be said. Beifong & Camelot like many sims in Bravo Feet and elsewhere is a global community with writers from across the globe. Some of us come from far reaching countries and even myself (though a native of the United States) am presently living in Japan. I have taken several commands over the years and can honestly say this community has been incredibly welcoming and accepting of great diversity

In the state of Florida in the United States there was a horrific event that has taken place that has taken the lives of at least fifty men and women at a Gay club in the city of Orlando. Many more were injured in this ordeal and it has sent ripples of pain throughout various communities, not just the LGBTQ community but to friends, family, and vast communities regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

Today and for some time to come, I will be mourning for the loss of so many lives and the hundreds of lives effected by this atrocity. I am sure that I speak for many when I say our hearts go out to these families and to the greater communities coping with the aftermath. I wanted to personally say thank you to everyone here and on several sims because you have been welcoming to lGBTQ writers and characters, providing a safe space for the creative expression of myself and others. Thank you truly for being a part of this wonderful sim and accepting me and others for the individuals and humans that we are.

R. James Dale (Lt. Commander Landon T. Milo) (Captain Kristopher N. Kerouac)
Commanding Officer - USS Beifong / Commanding Officer - USS Camelot

» Task Force 9 & The Consortium

Posted on Thu May 19th, 2016 @ 11:48am by Commander Landon Milo MD in Sim Announcement

The following information is from Relay Station Bravo (Bravo Fleet Fourms) and pertains to Task Force 9's Canon. I know not everyone is a member of the Bravo Fleet Forums, so, I thought I would post this here for everyone to read through if they wanted. It is Aio's (former TFCO of TF9) overview of "The Consortium" the largest issue going on in the Gamma Quadrant. You can also find additional information on "The Consortium" by checking out our shared databse with the USS Black Hawk.

Briefing on "The Consortium":
Following its harrowing defeat at the end of the War, the Dominion returned to its territory to rebuild and rethink its policies governing the interactions it had with other races both from within and without. This was largely in part to the knowledge and new experiences from the Alpha Quadrant that the changeling named Odo shared with the Great Link upon his re-integration with it. During this period of change in the Dominion, there were some who began to doubt the true power that the Founders had over them. This, coupled with the tales of the final weeks of the Dominion War where the Cardassians fought back against their 'allies', led many to begin questioning whether or not they really wanted to be part of this vast empire. The Founders quickly discovered the dissent amongst its citizens and they sought to use that to their advantage.

Freedom does not always come easily though, and since the Dominion's withdrawal, the region has been plagued by rising and falling governments, ever shifting alliances and a slew of enterprising marauders, all looking to take advantage of the tenuous situation for their own interests. Starfleet consequently stepped in by deploying Task Force 9 with an ever-increasing number of assets at their disposal. While some Gamma Quadrant denizens have welcomed this, hoping it will bring peace and stability to the region, many other see the Federation as nothing more than another power attempting to take control of the region.

It is in this context that the Consortium was born.

The Dominion had a habit of using dead planets, and some not so dead, for weapons tests. The Dominion even used one of the Dosi moons as a prison, Internment Camp 219, for members of the Federation Alliance, including members of the Romulan Empire, the Klingon Empire and the Federation. Given the proximity of 2 of the Dosi moons, they would use the other moon for secret weapons tests, some including large scale weapons. They would often bring prisoners to the moon to test effects of weapons on them. This gave the observers a rare insight into the into the Dominion ways, and how they treated Federation Alliance members. Those who saw what happened here accepted it as part of being in the Dominion, but to some it changed some of their beliefs in the Dominion.

The Dosi government remained complicit during these darks times, having been a servant race of the Dominion for thousands of years. Though with every servant race, there were people who didn't agree. A small group of Yaderan’s, disillusioned with the Dominions continued aggression to the Federation organised a secretive summit, on Dosi, to try and come up with a way to remove their races from the war. They were not affiliated with any of their governments, but still decided that they had to do something to preserve their futures.

The government on Dosi heard about this ‘summit’. They wanted nothing to do with it, to ensure that there were no retaliatory strikes on their homeworld they publicly disgraced those who were part of the summit. This new group used this publicity to try and rally people to their cause. Some Dosi, even in the government sympathised with them, albeit quietly. Those who publicly declared that the ‘renegades’ had the right idea were disgraced, some even publicly executed by the Dominion themselves. Some of these disgraced leaders were forced from their positions into hiding and some even took the step to join the renegades themselves, using what friends they had left within the government to help acquire materials for this new group. This was happening on both Dosi and Karema. Taking lead from something in the Alpha Quadrant called the ‘Orion Syndicate’ they formed themselves into a group known as the Dosi Consortium. They gathered what they could from the Dosi and Kareman homeworlds and began to acquire enough wealth to purchase ships and equipment. At first they had only 30 or 40 members, but within months they had well over 250.

They started off smuggling illegal items to planets around their system including Stakoron and the Wadi. Though the Stakoron still remained friendly with the Dominion with their production of mizinite ore, used in Dominion starship production, they also had people who were interested in this new Dosi Consortium. Pretty soon they had friends in the Stakoron and invited those into the Consortium. Having remained under the radar, working from secret locations on the Dosi and Kareman homeworlds, it was around this time that the Consortium on the Dosi government’s radar. Though the Dosi government knew of the ‘Consortiums’ existence, they left them alone, they didn't bother the Dosi so the Dominion did not intervene. This changed when the Consortium attacked a Jem'hadar weapons facility on Dosi. The Dosi feared retribution from the Dominion, and made every effort to hunt down and capture any Consortium members they could find, to give them to the Dominion for execution. This was when the group realised that they would have to move off planet in order to effectively run the consortium. They decided that instead of having one headquarters they would have four, located within the Chamra Vortex. Containing millions of asteroids of various sizes, it proved the perfect hiding spot. And with the volatile toh-maire gas located through the vortex, it had added security.

This went on for several years, and in early 2383 the Orion Syndicate heard about this so called ‘Consortium’. They were intrigued to hear about this group and dispatched several of their members to contact them to establish a relationship with them, which would make it the largest crime syndicate in the galaxy, spreading 2 quadrants. It was during this friendship that their membership opened up to non-gamma quadrant races, going so far as to include several humans from the Orion Syndicate who were to remain there as a ‘gesture of will’ to the Consortium. It was also during this time the name of the group went from being the Dosi Consortium to ‘The Consortium’.

Once members of the Syndicate were added to the mix, it was only a matter of time before the Consortium's activities expanded once more to include piracy and even assassination. The Dosi government publicly declared it had no involvement in any way and even threatened to execute suspected members of the group on its homeworld. By early 2384 the group went on the defensive, and began to remove any mention or trace of the ‘The Consortium’, striking only when they needed too. They retreated as much as they could, lying in wait for the time when they could strike without fear of Dominion reprisal. They began to steadily build up their forces, still hidden within the Chamra Vortex. They themselves even went to the point of helping propagate the rumour that they had disbanded. Then they lay dormant, waiting for just the right moment. Then the Dominion surrendered to the Federation. And the Consortium was on the move once more.

Originally thought to be a power taking advantage of the power vacuum created by the Dominion sealing their borders, the origins of the Consortium are known to very few people, and many of those who did know and weren’t loyal had been swiftly eliminated over time or rendered harmless through other means.

Part of The Dominion itself had a hand in the original creation of the Consortium. A group of rogue founders secretly broke away from the Founders on the homeworld, claiming to be exploring unknown parts of the Gamma Quadrant. The summit was that was called on the Dosi homeworld in was aimed at creating a group who protested the war. Having been a member of the Dominion for thousands of years, the Karemma were not invited to this summit. Though it was held in secret, with attendees utilizing a wide range of security means to ensure the security, the reality was that the rogue founders In reality the founders themselves had been aware of this group for quite some time and had already infiltrated the summit. Once this summit was concluded, the rogue founders had many of those who attended killed, or replaced. It was here that they thought of a way to infiltrate the highest levels of Starfleet without directly using themselves or letting the Founders find out.

With promises of power, the Rogue Founders manipulated the Consortium like a puppet, from within the shadows. Even some of the highest members of the Consortium do not know who their orders are coming from. The Consortium began to recruit people, civilians, and Starfleet alike. There were even rumors that they had got people into Starfleet specifically as sleeper agents, waiting for the one day that the Consortium would issue its ‘final directive’. During these years there were hundreds of Starfleet officers who willing joined the Consortium or were influenced into doing so by telepathic species used by the Dominion for hundreds of years. This left the Consortium with assets throughout Starfleet, who influenced the direction of Starfleet within the Gamma Quadrant.This placed them in a position where there would be Consortium operatives throughout TF9 command and throughout TF9 ships in the region. Once rumours started to air about this infiltration Starfleet Intelligence commenced a massive intelligence gathering operation to get to the bottom of it but with only limited results. As such the Consortium could move efficiently within the ranks of Starfleet even with significant scrutiny.

With the Rogue Founders wanting to take control back of their quadrant, their only way to take back territory that was to use their ability to manipulate the solids. They wanted to get their own territory back before resuming their expansion. The goal of this group of Founders is to let those now not under Dominion control enjoy their freedom, before subtly influencing the Consortium to make their lives harder and harder. Once the people have had enough of the Consortium, they would cry out for Dominion rule, where life was better, leaving them ripe for the Dominion to take over again.

With Odo still attempting to dissuade many of the Founders from their views of the Federation, and the solids, he eventually gets through to enough to want them to reach out and talk to the Federation. They eventually invite a Starfleet to send a few vessels as part of a peaceful mission. It was at this time the Dominion formalized their relationship with the Federation, by signing the Jankata Accord. Though the Treaty of Bajor granted unfettered passage through the wormhole, Starfleet has only one colony in the quadrant: New Bajor, which was established by the Bajorans before they were admitted into the Federation and thus was not subject to the Jankata Accord. Following this meeting between the Dominion and the Federation, both sides formally agreed to abide by the Jankata Accord.

The Rogue Founders were, naturally, not happy with the sudden turn of events. It was here that they decided that whatever they needed to do, it had to be done now.

The first ship to fall to such sleeper agents was the USS Galavant. The USS Galavant was an Excelsior class ship, which was refitted as a cargo ship. Starfleet Command had elected several such converted ships to deliver cargo as they 'deemed a regular cargo vessel would be at extreme risk' in the Gamma quadrant, given the number of unknowns in this quadrant. Several sleeper agents were on this ship, including the Chief Security officer of this ship. At some point during its regular cargo run through the Finnean Convergence Zone, the Galavant received a transmission from a Karemman ship, simply saying “To the future of the Dominion”. It was at this point the Chief Security officer and several other offers on the ship took control of the vital systems. The Consortium had the Human Chief Security officer kill the Captain and XO and imprison the rest of the senior staff. Most of this was unknown to Starfleet at the time. According to reports following this incident, the USS Galavant was lost with all hands.

Months later an ‘Event’ happens [A major attack on DS11 as well as several Starfleet ships being taken over, some of their crews killed or left marooned on uninhabited planets]. With the TF9 Command staff decimated, with many of its leaders killed in the coup the remaining loyal officials are forced to escape on a ship in orbit that managed to survive the initial attack. With the comm relays the first target of the Consortium, DS11 had no way to warn the Alpha Quadrant that anything had gone wrong. Once the TF9 Command staff were either killed, or in hiding, the Consortium is in charge of the Starfleet assets within the Gamma Quadrant, and there are more than a few who don't suspect a thing.

To further legitimize their take over there were several ships in the Gamma Quadrant that had sleeper agents on who were destined to fail in their takeovers. This would put the power of doubt in the minds of many Captains, meaning those that took over DS11 would be able to count on support from those who remain loyal to the Federation. These officers who took over DS11 declare those loyal to Starfleet as renegades. Meanwhile those loyal to Starfleet must consolidate their interests and strike back at the Consortium to restore their power.

With DS11 in enemy hands, they effectively close the wormhole, leaving those few starships loyal to the Federation cut off from the rest of the Federation. Odo himself even held out an olive branch, disgusted by the sudden turn of events. He offered some of those still loyal to Starfleet a safe haven, in the form of a hidden system. With only 4 or 5 starships completely under Starfleet control, those that remain alive are forced to coordinate from a secret base of operations, in a system unknown to most of Starfleet, indeed most of TF9. From here they conduct a resistance against the illegitimate Starfleet.

» New Database

Posted on Tue May 17th, 2016 @ 2:02pm by Commander Landon Milo MD in Out of Character

In life you make some wonderful friends as I've learned from my time writing with many people. The USS Beifong definitely would not have been anything except one of my many delusional and crazy ideas were it not for some truly wonderful friends. You all have joined and helped make Beifong truly spectacular. Thank you all! I wanted to make a very brief and quick news announcement that Andrew (greenfelt22), the Task Force XO for Bravo Fleet's Task Force 9, a friend, and fellow writer has really helped me out today.

Andrew has most generously offered in adding to Beifong in a big way. You may have previously checked out the little bits of scrap information we had to work with for a wiki via Nova's Thrasher Wiki. Well, that is and will no longer be the case. Our wiki tab has been replaced with a Databse tab and you will notice that when you click on said tab, it takes you off Beifong and into a very nice looking, well developed wiki for the USS Black Hawk, Andrew's command and our sister ship.

I also am a major contributor and writer to the USS Black Hawk. Andrew and I were discussing things earlier this morning and I was considering building a wiki from the ground up. Well, Andrew presented me with an offer than I accepted. We will be sharing space with our Black Hawk brethren via jointly using and contributing to Andrew's wiki that he set up for Black Hawk and Task Force 9. I have already begun by creating a page for the USS Beifong on this wiki/databse. I look forward to really developing things there and adding great content. So, please have a look at this wiki by clicking on our Database tab and feel free to read up on the USS Black Hawk, Task Force 9, and all the interesting information the wiki has to offer.

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“Metis!” Alecz scolded her. “You’re a part of that society.”

She kicked her legs petulantly, her feet dangling in…

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